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Document Scanning

August 1, 2012

Product Description

The new thing in Brainmagic’s kitty is “Document Digitization“. The clients that we have served in document digitization are Vaishnavi Freight Service, Trinity Logistic’s etc.

Document digitization is meant for improving staffs efficiency, thereby providing cost efficiency and results in better customer services. Documents in hard copy format are very difficult to handle, because the cost of storage, archive and retrieval costs are too high. These costs can now be controlled due to a useful innovation in computer technology known as Document Digitization, which helps in managing all your documents in an electronic format.

Brainmagic specialize in document scanning chennai of large volume of documents by using high quality, high speed scanners, and have qualified and experienced staff for the preparation and scanning of documents and reducing the total cost of digitization to our clients.

What BrainmagicTM Provides?

  • Scanning of documents
  • Storing in a PDF format
  • Offering data entry work
  • Offering software for data entry and search
  • Providing storage of documents digitized in an external devis
  • Options for Print out
  • Email attachment options
  • All this done in the clients premises

Business Value

  • Minimal space requirements for archieving
  • Electronic documents can be shared and can be available through the remote access even for moreusers simultaneously
  • Fast and easier way to search
  • Saving and printing of documents in a cheaper way
  • No need to work with original document
  • Minimum risk of damage, loss or unauthorised access to the documents
  • Much more efficient processing of corporate agenda and its control
  • Reduction of manpower and increase in office efficiency

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