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Bulk SMS chennai

June 18, 2013


Product Description:

BrainmagicTM sending SMS Software via GSM MODEM and Gateway offers customers, access to a secure, dependable, high capacity messaging platform. Using BrainmagicTM API (Application Programming Interface) integration is fast, simple and reliable.

Client Testimonial:
BrainmagicTM Infotech Pvt Ltd had installed software for sending SMS and working satisfactory.Their customer service is very well attentive and we have no hesitation to recommend BrainmagicTM Infotech Pvt Ltd for your requirements.
-CVG Kumar,Manager-Admin,Chennai,India

What BrainmagicTM Provides?

Brainmagic Provides sending sms messages through the following method

  • Setting up your Personalized SMS gateway ( ie, using GSM modem)
  • SMS gateway ( through Internet Connection )
  • Total control within the organization
  • Message cost is 0 (Via GSM MODEM)
  • Delivery Report
  • Unlimited usage

Bulk SMS(sending SMS) Software Features

  • Add Contact
  • Edit Contact
  • Delete Contact
  • Import from CSV/Excel file
  • Import from Outlook

Create groups
Edit / Delete groups
2)Mobile Number

  • Creating your own…

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Receive sms online india

June 18, 2013

Product Description:

BrainmagicTM’s receive SMS Software receives SMS messages through GSM Modem (or) SMS Gateway. The Received SMS messages stored in the local DataBase or Online webserver and makes communication to be easier and faster globally within a fraction of a second.

Client Testimonial:

BrainmagicTM Infotech has installed the SMS Software in Madras Race Club,Guindy Lodge in 2007 and it has been running successfully.The customer support they render is also satisfactory and we recommend BrainmagicTM Infotech for all the requirements.

What BrainmagicTM Provides?

BrainmagicTM receive SMS online software enables companies to receive SMS which in turn is stored in a online web server and then reply automatically for the same.

Receive messaging – GSM Modem

  •   Connect GSM modem into your PC
  •   Insert SIM card into GSM Modem
  •   Install Brainmagic Receive SMS software
  • a.Receive SMS messages from your SIM card
  • b.Store in to your local database
  • c.Sending auto reply message
  • d.Reports

Receive messaging –Short code / Long code

  •   Signup the account with us
  •   We will register the Keyword for you
  •   User can send SMS message from their mobile phone
  • a.Example – “Magic<‘space’><‘message’>” to 5676785
  •   You can see the received SMS messages using the below method
  • a.Login into your account
  • b.Email
  • c.SMS message

Business Value

  •   Communication made easier, faster and cheaper
  •   Reach people anywhere
  •   Generate report

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